Murder She Watched, Part 2

Angela Lansbury was 59 what she began starring in "Murder She Wrote" as Jessica Fletcher. Cristen and Caroline pick up their lady detective talk with JB Fletcher and why television has been friendlier to older women as crime solvers and how femininity is played on screen on Law and Order: SVU, Prime Suspect, Top of the Lake and other lady detective-driven shows.

Murder She Watched, Part 1

Women detectives have been a prime-time staple since the 1950s. In part one of their investigation into female crime solvers on TV, Cristen and Caroline trace the literary origin of this beloved character all the way to Cagney and Lacey's game-changing roles.

Girl Gang Panic in the Pulp Fiction Aisle

Our podcast on Girls in Gangs, we noted how concern over girls' involvement in gangs first emerged during the juvenile delinquency panic of the 1950s, as evidenced by a slew of B-movies and pulp fiction devoted to girls gone gangster.

Girls in Gangs

Why is gang membership among girls on the rise? Cristen and Caroline explore the history of girl gangs and what gang life means for young women past and present.

How the "CSI Effect" Could Solve the Case of Missing Women in STEM

Forensics is a rare area of science that needs no help recruiting more women into its ranks. Although some people seem surprised that young women would be attracted to such a potentially grisly profession that involves analyzing blood 'n' guts via forensic toxicology, forensic chemistry, crime scene analysis and so forth, they now comprise an overwhelming majority of those in classrooms and crime labs. And the reasons behind the exponential growth of women in forensics both exemplifies how to attract more girls and women to STEM careers and reflects the challenges of retaining female science talent to top-tier academic programs, labs and leadership positions...

Why are women so bloodthirsty for true crime?

In September 2013, TIME magazine asked whether murder shows are the "new soap operas for women," judging by the meteoric rise of Investigation Discovery, a 24-7 cable true crime extravaganza. Launched barely five years ago, Investigation Discovery (ID) has attracted an overwhelmingly female audience rabid for shows about horrific crimes, including lovers-turned-murders, housewives-turned-sociopaths and run-of-the-mill stranger danger. Now, ID claims the 8th-highest cable TV slot among women 25 to 54 years old -- but why?

Breaking the glass ceiling in organized crime may not be anything to celebrate, but it's making headlines all the same. In this episode, Molly and Cristen explore the juicy stories of Italian godmothers running Mafia families while the men are in jail.

When people think of pirates, their minds often turn to legendary brigands such as Bluebeard -- but piracy wasn't restricted to males. Join Molly and Cristen as they recount the fascinating adventures of genuine female pirates.

What is a rape kit?

Rapes kits are used to collect forensic evidence from rape victims. In this episode, Molly and Cristen discuss the contents of rape kits, rape kit testing, SANE programs and the medical professionals who administer rape kit exams and collect evidence.