The Wedding Ring Phenomenon

Recently, a Stuff Mom Never Told You listener wrote in with a perplexing question about she terms "the wedding ring phenomenon": "...a guy, lets call him John, told us about how he will wear a wedding ring while trying to pick up women. I thought it was appalling and completely ludicrous, but my husband thought it made sense... I was curious if you know of any research backing this wedding ring phenomenon or if the men in my life are just full of themselves."

#BadTech: Lulu, a Guy-Rating App For Women

This post begs a hackneyed intro, so here it is: Are you a heterosexual woman who wishes she could read reviews of prospective boyfriends to find out whether he's a stud or a dud? There's an app for that.

How Matchmakers Work

How do matchmakers help people find love? Who hires matchmakers and how much do they cost? Are matchmakers successful? The answers might surprise you. Join Caroline and Cristen as they explore the strange world of matchmaking.

Studies have found that couples are more likely to share political views than personality traits, and people are more willing to share their weight than political affiliations online. Are political views a romantic deal-breaker? Tune in to find out.

What are pickup artists, exactly? In this podcast, Caroline and Cristen explore the practices, tactics and theories behind pickup artistry. Tune in to learn more about the pros and cons of pickup artistry.

Sexist Women Find Sexist Men Sexy

A pair of communication studies researchers surveyed men and women on their courtship styles to understand why some women fall for "Pickup Artist" tactics that revolve around aggressive flirting that isolate them away from peers and often preys on possible insecurities.

Can women initiate dating?

It's no secret that most cultures have fairly defined cultural roles assigned to each gender. This is especially apparent in the dating scene, where men are often assumed to be the aggressive party. But why? Tune in to learn more about dating and society.

Will you semimarry me?

The function of marriage in modern society is being closely reexamined now, as people wait longer to tie the knot, household gender dynamics tip toward more female breadwinners and a rising proportion of babies are born beyond the bounds of wedlock. This marital shakeup has given rise to the "semimarriage," writes Pamela Haag in her book "Marriage Confidential".

Do blind people experience 'love at first sight' instant attraction?

When discussing the concept of love at first sight on the most recent Stuff Mom Never Told You episode, Molly and I speak solely from the perspective of being able to actually see the object of attraction. But how might that instant magnetism change if you're blind? According to one blind man's account, it seems that 'love at first sight' then becomes 'love at first sound'.

Is love at first sight possible?

Familiar to any fan of classic romance stories, love at first sight is a common theme loved by some and, well, contemptuously dismissed by others. But it is real? Join Molly and Cristen as they delve into the science behind physical attraction.