fat shaming

Classic Episode: The Body Shaming Epidemic

Weight bias, also known as fat-shaming, has serious real-world impacts on overweight and obese women. Now, thin women are making their voices heard about so-called "skinny shaming" as well. Cristen and Caroline discuss the harmful spectrum of body shaming and what women can do to stop it.

LIFE Magazine's Vintage Fat Shaming

In the 1950s, the term "fat shaming" had yet to be coined, but the demeaning practice was certainly alive and well. Even though the average waistline was slimmer then than now, LIFE magazine published a multi-page spread in its March 1954 edition on "The Plague of the Overweight," which led with the declaration that "The most serious health problem in the U.S. today is obesity." According to statistics compiled by insurance companies at the time, around 3 percent of post-World War II Americans were considered obese, and "[were] drastically prone to diabetes, gallstones, hernia, kidney and bladder impairments and complications during surgery and pregnancy"...

Canadian Artist Slimming Down "Overweight" Sculptures

What do you do when a sculpture is deemed "overweight?" You put it on a diet, of course. I'm not trying to make an obtuse joke (although I fully recognize that it isn't all that funny) here. Canadian artist Geordie Lishman is having to slim down four prospective sculptures that will be installed this spring outside the Audley Recreation Centre in Ajax, Ontario, a stone's throw from Toronto.