gender differences

Smile! You're a Woman.

When I was in college, I earned extra money on the weekends as a catering waiter. It was as terrible as "Party Down" would have you believe, the entire feeling of the experience summed up in an exchange that happened during a wedding reception. That night, things already weren't going well, as I accidentally burned one of the staff captains with boiling water before guests had even arrived. Toward the end of the evening, after dinner plates had been cleared, and we were busily refilling coffee -- a task that I approached with trepidation since I had already scalded someone only hours earlier -- my mounting exhaustion quickly shifted to anger when one of the male guests turned to me with a tipsy smirk and said, "C'mon honey, why don't you smile?" I forced a closed-mouth grin and continued making my way around his table.

Scientists are exploring why and how people's scents are as unique as fingerprints, and research finds that people can sniff out someone's personality, sexual orientation and age. Tune in to learn more about gender differences in body odor.

Are men or women more superstitious? Why do people practice superstitious behaviors? Are positive superstitions, i.e. lucky charms, actually helpful? Listen in as Cristen and Caroline search for the science behind superstition.

Do women make better peacemakers? Join Cristen and Caroline as they examine the influence women have played in the peacemaking process and gender differences in conflict resolution.

Are there gender differences in friendship patterns? Join Caroline and Cristen as they explore famous bromances throughout history, as well as challenges to making man friends. Tune in to learn more about bromances.

Sure, men and women have different exercise motivations -- but which group exercises more? Join Caroline and Cristen as they look at gender and exercise, from why single men exercise more than anyone else to why men's exercise pays off more than women's.

In this episode, Cristen and Caroline interview Mignon Fogarty, aka Grammar Girl. Listen in to learn if men and women pay attention to grammar differently, and if it's acceptable to refer to women as girls.

What exactly is the psychopath test? Are there really gender differences in psychopathy? In this episode, Caroline and Cristen explore the process of diagnosing psychopaths -- and whether your gender affects your chances of passing the psychopath test.

Do men complain more about being sick? Do women have stronger immune systems? Who takes the most sick days? Join Cristen and Caroline as they explore the facts -- and fiction -- surrounding popular opinions on gender and illness.

Happy marriages hinge on well-rested wives?

Science just pulled a fast one on me. Last week, I was raising the roof about how a study from the American Academy of Sleep Medicine found that sleep deprivation doesn't have as potent an effect on women, compared to men. Now, a study from the University of Pittburgh School of Medicine seems to throw a monkey wrench in that notion.