gender equality

Boys of Summer: The Corset Liberator

Paul Poiret was a French designer credited with unlacing women from corsets. Cristen and Caroline explore the intersection of fashion history, industrialization and gender equality in the first installment of their Boys of Summer series.

Susan B. Anthony once said the bicycle deserved all of the credit for women's emancipation. Women had to fight restrictive clothing and stereotypes to take part in the bike craze of the 1890's. Tune in to learn more about gender equality and bicycles.

Cristen Conger, Podcastrix

I'd like to propose a new word: podcastrix. Podcastrix would be to podcaster what comedienne is to comedian -- the feminine noun form. Do we need this linguistic clarification? Nah. But it would certainly catch people's attention if I said, "My name is Cristen Conger, and I'm a podcastrix."

Anti-Suffrage Women Fought Against the Vote

It might sound nice to portray suffrage as a universal sisterhood movement in which women everywhere were battling arm-in-arm for the vote. But during those Victorian era years that extolled female piety and the "cult of motherhood", plenty of women opposed the voting initiative and even rallied against it through anti-suffrage groups.