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History's Original Dumb Blonde

In wondering when and why such a random stereotype arose, I had figured it had plenty to do with Marilyn Monroe's 1953 performance in "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes" in which she plays the preferable blonde (which is kind of funny when you consider that Norma Jean Mortenson was a brunette when she first headed out in Hollywood). It turns out, however, that the original dumb blonde -- the ODB, if you will -- came around a couple centuries prior...

Do redheads have it worst? Listen in to learn more about history's original "dumb blonde" and how yellow hair took on its various meanings -- including how and why hair color colors our perceptions of people.

Redheads on the Rise

We can thank Mad Men's Christina Hendricks for not only pop culture's recent warm embrace of womanly curves, but also a newfound appreciation for redheads. A natural blonde, Hendricks has dyed her hair since adolescence, notes a New York Times article chronicling the fashionable return of the redhead.