Romantic Comedy's Working Girls

Women's careers have been central romantic comedy conflicts since the 1940s. In this second installment of their rom com series, Cristen and Caroline unpack the genre trope of independent working girls who sacrifice love for professional success.

A Practical Wedding

When did weddings become so impractical, costing more than $26,000 on average? Meg Keene, A Practical Wedding Founder and author of the new "A Practical Wedding Planner" shares her insights and advice what an affordable, feminist wedding looks like and how to pull it off gracefully.

Couple Speak

Couples with cutesy pet names and intimate code language may be nauseating, but research finds those are signs of a healthy relationship. Cristen and Caroline parse out the particulars of how and why couple-speak happens.

Dating Science: Do Feminists Make for Better Girlfriends?

You know what's a fun topic to bring up on a first date with a guy? Feminism. Once you get hard-lined religious and political beliefs out of the way (preferably in the car, on the way to date destination or maybe during the appetizer if you must wait that long), I highly recommend you toss out a couple of Betty Friedan or bell hooks quotes, and see if the gent picks up on it and responds with an appropriate Simone de Beauvoir reference. Awkward silences -- not gonna happen, guaranteed.

Top 5 Love Lies

Pop principles about love often end up on the chopping block, but classic wisdom about happily-ever-after may not be so spot-on, either. Which time-honored, love-related truisms break down when put under the microscope?

Love Potion No. 9: Top 5 Love Chemicals in the Brain

Those crazy behaviors people exhibit when in love are often chalked up to fate, but science attributes them to a cocktail of chemicals buzzing around our brains. When love overwhelms our actions, which five neurochemicals are largely to blame?

The Look of Love: Top 5 Physical Signs of Attraction

Even if you can't describe your ideal romantic partner, you'll know him or her on sight. Your body will produce physical signs that grab your attention and direct it toward the crush in question. Which lovesick symptoms should you look out for?

The Science of Sex

Of all human activities, sex is possibly the ultimate mind-body experience. Which senses and body parts -- from head to toe -- does male and female sexual attraction engage?

Thanks to sociocultural evolution, interracial marriage is increasingly common. Join Cristen and Caroline as they explore Loving v. Virginia, why worrying about children in these marriages is outdated (and likely rooted in racism) and more.

Divorce lawyers at the firm Grant Thornton reported a new trend in couples severing nuptial ties: affairs aren't the biggest factor pushing people apart. And, no, it's not the economy, stupid, although tighter budgets might put a strain on the heartstrings.