mother's day

Classic Episode: Single Moms, Then and Now

Raising a family can be challenging, especially as a single parent. In time for Mother's Day, Cristen and Caroline highlight the history of single moms and debunk the longstanding social stigma against them.

25 Mothers Around the World

It doesn't matter whether women are called "mother," "mam," "madre," or whatever the appropriate maternal translation might be, these stunning images of motherhood around the world, from Syria to Sweden to Sudan, show how the common bond of mother and child transcends language, cultures and geographic boundaries.

Stuff Mom Never Told You Mother's Day Short Film Festival 2015

Celebrate Mother's Day with a Stuff Mom Never Told You curated video playlist about the history of Mother's Day and the science and gender of motherhood.

11 Feminist Mother's Day Gifts

This Mother's Day, show your mom you really appreciate her -- and her feminism.

Why are gender reveal parties popular?

In recent years, parents-to-be have given birth to a new baby celebration: the gender reveal party. Cristen and Caroline discuss what exactly they are, why they exist and the pros and cons of their fast-growing popularity.

What is natural childbirth?

As more women are choosing natural childbirth, Caroline and Cristen look into what "natural" actually means and how women deal with the pain of having a baby without meds.

Why do we celebrate Mother's Day?

On Sunday, Americans will spend more than $16 billion dollars celebrating Mother's Day. Cristen and Caroline discuss why we treat moms to brunch and flowers every second Sunday in May, and why the founder of Mother's Day regretted how popular it became.

Are working moms happier?

In this episode, Cristen and Caroline look at mothers across the employment spectrum, exploring how the 'Mommy Wars' pit working moms against non-working moms. Listen in to learn more about working moms -- and why part-time employed moms are the happiest.

Should dads be in the delivery room?

A French obstetrician believes that men in the delivery room hinder their partner's laboring process. Is it possible that men don't need or want to be there? Join Cristen and Molly to learn more about dads in delivery rooms.

Should mothers eat placenta?

For some people, placenta isn't just a byproduct of birth to be disposed of. They use it in a variety of ways, including consumption. In this episode, Molly and Cristen ponder the ways women use placenta after giving birth -- and why.