Swimsuit Season Lies No. 2: Skinny Equals Healthy

Who hates swimsuit season more than everybody's (least) favorite single gal comic character Cathy? C'mon, you remember ol' Cathy, staring at herself in the dressing room mirror wearing an ill-fitting bikini. All she wanted in the world was to drop some pounds and slide right into some polka dotted lycra and spandex. But Cathy -- and a lot of other people, both real and fictional -- have the wrong idea about thinness.

It's true: The FDA has approved two new anti-obesity drugs. But when did the medical community begin treating obesity as a chronic disease? Listen in to learn more about obesity medication -- including why anti-obesity drugs like fenphen failed in the past.

Fat Stigma Going Global

Surveying 680 adults in 10 countries and territories about body mass, the researchers concluded that "a profound global diffusion of negative ideas about obesity" has taken place. As a result, we may be headed toward a universal body norm. In other words, thin is becoming in -- everywhere.

When it comes to shedding pounds, men have an advantage: They lose weight faster and more easily than women do. Why? In this episode, Molly and Cristen examine the many variables that affect weight loss in general -- and female weight loss in particular.

In this episode of Stuff Mom Never Told You, Molly and Cristen take a look at current ways of measuring obesity. They discuss the most common formula, Body Mass Index (BMI), in detail, from its origins to its flaws.