Classic Episode: A Revisionist History of Abortion, Part 2

Raised during the Progressive Era crusade against abortion, Margaret Sanger devoted her life to making birth control and familiy planning accessible to women from all walks of life. In this second installment of the two-part cultural and legal history of abortion, Cristen and Caroline highlight Sanger's legacy and eugenics controversy and how the development of Planned Parenthood coincided with midcentury women's fight to access abortion by whatever means necessary.

Classic Episode: A Revisionist History of Abortion, Part 1

In colonial America, early-term abortion was a way of life for many women. But by 1900, it had become criminalized across the country -- but not for reasons you'd expect. In this two-part cultural and legal history of abortion, Cristen and Caroline time travel from ancient Greek herbal remedies to induce miscarriage to 19th-century abortionist Madame Restell at the center of America's first major abortion debate.

When America Sterilized Women of Color

Forcible sterilizations of black women in the South were so frequent in the 1960s, civil rights activist Fannie Lou Hamer nicknamed them Mississippi appendectomies. Cristen and Caroline chart the disturbing American practice of nonconsensually sterilizing women of color and the eugenics movement that started it.

The Mothers of Gynecology

J. Marion Sims is hailed as the father of gynecology, but his legacy is tainted by his experimental surgeries on enslaved women. Cristen and Caroline contextualize Sims' controversy, diagnose medicine's racist past and honor the unsung mothers of gynecology.

The Birth of Maternity Fashion

Compared to pregnancy, the history of maternity clothes is in its infancy. Cristen and Caroline strut through the timeline of maternity fashion and what those prenatal outfits then and now tell us about how we view pregnant bodies.


Why is egg freezing the most hotly discussed health benefit in Silicon Valley? Cristen and Caroline put the science and success rates of oocyte cryopreservation, or egg freezing, under the microscope to determine whether it really is the great workplace equalizer for women.

Is 'baby fever' real?

Why do some women get a sudden, irrational longing for a baby? Do men get 'baby fever'? Join Cristen and Caroline as they examine the telltale signs of 'baby fever.'

Penis Length May Correlate to Finger Length

Korean urologists recently found a correlation between penile and finger length. Specifically, the ratio between the length of a man's index finger and ring finger may relate to the length of his penis. The shorter the index finger, compared to the ring finger, the longer the penis -- possibly.

Reproductive Warfare: Sperm Invasion on Battlefield Vagina

Earlier this week, I wrote about the possible antidepressant effects of semen in women. A 2002 study by psychologist Gordon Gallup hypothesizes that the vagina absorbs a host of mood-boosting hormones contained in semen, which makes women feel better. This would make it seem like vaginas and semen are BFFs, right? Well, according to Dr. Gallup himself, that isn't the case.

It's evolutionary biology meets "Dancing with the Stars". Researchers at Northumbria University in England studied how heterosexual women responded to male dance moves and which they found most attractive. Based on the study, it's all about midsection motion rather than fancy footwork that sets hearts aflame on the dance floor.