sex differences

Anxious Women

Why are women twice as likely to experience chronic anxiety? Cristen and Caroline share their own experiences with long-term anxiety, whether female anxiety is more nature or nurture and how to manage its persistent symptoms.

Is modest hottest?

Since ancient times, women have been advised to cover up in order to protect their dignity. More recently, a so-called "modesty movement" has gotten underway, and Cristen and Caroline undress how the "modest is hottest" message ultimately strips agency from women and men alike.

Are men more forgetful?

Do men and women have different memory mechanisms? Cristen and Caroline explore sex differences in memory and who's more susceptible to forgetfulness and memory loss.

Angry Women

Anger is complex emotion, especially when gender gets involved. Caroline and Cristen explore how men and women experience and express anger differently and how to manage anger when it naturally arises.

Do women have neater handwriting than men?

In April, Washington officially struck the word "penmanship" from any state statutes and replaced it with "handwriting" in an effort to use only gender-neutral language. To me, it's funny that "penmanship" is a male-gendered noun since there's a common assumption that women have neater handwriting than men. A lefty lady with chicken scratch-screwing handwriting, I've been particularly aware of that stereotype as I've never much fit the mold...

Women tend to score much lower than men on financial literacy tests. Why? Is money management a man thing? Does financial planning pander to women? Listen in to learn more.

What do men and women look for in cars? What are the facts about discrimination at the dealership? In this episode, Caroline and Cristen take a closer look at a new study that finds women are savvier car shoppers.

Do men and women vote differently?

It's true: Women tend to vote more Democratic than men in the U.S. Join Caroline and Cristen as they explore the relationship between politics and gender, including how men and women see the role of government differently and the myth of the "pink vote."

Are men or women more cooperative? In this episode, Caroline and Cristen explore the science of cooperation, including how selfishness evolutionarily bred cooperation.

Did you know that female addiction tends to "telescope," intensifying more quickly than male addiction? Doctors are just now understanding sex differences in substance abuse and addiction behaviors. Listen in to learn more about estrogen and addiction.