sex work

A Buffer of Whores

Wartime prostitution is American as Uncle Sam and apple pie. Cristen and Caroline shares the hidden history of military STDs, government-sanctioned brothels, and the surveillance of civilian women to provide a "buffer of whores" to keep soldiers sexually satisfied.

Japan's Comfort Women

During World War II, Japanese military life included sexual slavery. Cristen and Caroline trace the traumatic history of "comfort women" survivors and why they'll never stop protesting.

Disabled Sexuality

People with disabilities are frequently erased from conversations about sexuality because of deeply ingrained stereotypes and marginalizing assumptions. Cristen and Caroline look at where these desexualizing tropes came from and their very real consequences.

Is sex slavery a growing problem?

Since January is Human Trafficking Awareness Month, Cristen and Caroline discuss the scope of sex trafficking in the United States, its legal history and why anti-trafficking initiatives have attracted controversy in recent years.