The Food and Drug Administration may be on its way to approving the first prescription drug intended to boost women's libidos. I'd like to think this has come about since some FDA officials were listening in to Molly's and my discussion about filbanserin, nicknamed "pink Viagra," in a Stuff Mom Never Told You episode a couple weeks ago, but I'm probably overstating our clout. For now, anyway.

The big question I'm looking to answer (which Molly and I addressed as part of our "Why does the sizzle fizzle?" podcast) is whether love is blind. Do we have any choice in the people we're attracted to and pursue for the long-term? The short answer, according to Gallup, is no.

Viagra effectively treats male sexual dysfunction, so could a similar drug be developed for women? Molly and Cristen discuss current research on a Viagra-like drug for women -- and whether it would really be beneficial -- in this episode.

Sex addiction is a term that's bandied about a lot these days, but is it really a disorder? Or just an excuse for cheating? Molly and Cristen examine what studies and anecdotal evidence have to say about sex addiction.

Molly and Cristen break down the science behind orgasms -- and discuss theories about why women have them -- in this episode.

Several methods of male birth control, from implants to injections, are currently being tested. Tune in to this podcast from to find out how soon you'll be able to find male birth control in your local pharmacy.