Do asexuals masturbate?

237 Reasons Humans Have Sex

Asking why humans have sex might seem like an obvious question. It feels good. It bonds us together. Oh, and the future of the human species depends on it. But prior to the 2007 study, "Why Humans Have Sex," published in the Archives of Sexual Behavior, "the most comprehensive existing taxonomy" cited only eight reasons: "to feel valued by a partner, expressing value for a partner, obtaining relief from stress, nurturing one another, enhancing feelings of personal power, experiencing a partner's power, experiencing pleasure and procreating." Oddly, researchers hadn't delved too deeply into the seemingly simplistic question. With that 2007 study, then, University of Texas psychology professor David Buss handily myth-busted the notion that we can identify humans' rationales for sex on our fingers...

How the Kinsey Report Fueled Whiskey Sales

While browsing through Brenda R. Weber's study on the public discourse around Alfred Kinsey's 1953 "Sexual Behavior in the Human Female" this caught my eye: "...newspaper coverage on Kinsey's volume on women not only displayed but fostered several important discursive phenomena...ranging from augmented sales of Kinsey whiskey (no direct relation) to increased audiences for evangelical denunciations of Kinsey's 'morally dangerous' report."

7-Second Sex Stat Debunked

Following up on an earlier post about flibanserin, nicknamed "pink viagra" by the media, the Food & Drug Administration's advisory panel voted against approving the drug. Specifically, the panel decided that the pill developed by global pharmaceutical firm Boehringer-Ingelheim didn't outperform the placebo significantly enough to earn it a spot in the healthcare marketplace.

The Food and Drug Administration may be on its way to approving the first prescription drug intended to boost women's libidos. I'd like to think this has come about since some FDA officials were listening in to Molly's and my discussion about filbanserin, nicknamed "pink Viagra," in a Stuff Mom Never Told You episode a couple weeks ago, but I'm probably overstating our clout. For now, anyway.