Very Close Veins

Why do more than half of all lady legs develop varicose and spider veins? Cristen and Caroline provide a rarely offered anatomy lesson on why they happen, how to treat them and what they have to do with menstrual belt.

Women Who Vape

The Oxford English Dictionary declared "vape" its 2014 Word of the Year, and it's not just men getting into vaping culture these days. Cristen and Caroline puff on how the rapidly growing e-cigarette industry is selling women on vaping and how it compares to how Big Tobacco lit up female smokers.

Vintage Badvertising: Cigarettes Are Like Women...

5 Reasons Why It's Harder for Women to Quit Smoking

Of course, we now know that smoking isn't healthy for either gender and kills roughly 5 million people around the world every year. But plenty of us still do it, and GOOD magazine illustrates why that is in slick infographic form. Moreover, women who get hooked typically have a tougher time kicking nicotine, and here are the big five reasons...

Is there an unhealthy side effect to getting women out of the house and into the workforce? According to a Reuters report (via HuffPo), yes. Long story short: the more women work, the more women smoke cigarettes.