An Illustrated History of Tennis Fashion

Women's Tennis: From Pat Ball to Grand Slams

Among professional sports, tennis often is cited as one of the most gender equitable for female athletes. Cristen and Caroline serve up the evolution of women's tennis and the players who trailblazed the way to diversity on the court.

The First Lady of Negro American League Baseball

Following up on the news that Japan's Eri Yoshida will be one of the only women in American baseball history to pitch in the pros, the New York Times tracked down Mamie Johnson for a comment. Johnson was the first one to break that sports gender line, pitching for the Indianapolis Clowns from 1953 to 1955.

17 Women Who Made Olympic History

An inspiring round-up of Olympic women record makers and breakers.

The Olympics' First Female Gold Medalist

SMNTY Weekly Must-Reads: The Olympics' Gayest Sport

The SMNTY Index: Football

Women are bigger fans of American football than ever before, making up 20 percent of fantasy football players and 44 percent of the sport's dedicated audience. Those numbers and the long history of female football fandom are especially notable considering the closest they can get to an NFL huddle is either cheering or flagging down coaches on the sidelines.

Stuck on the Sidelines

During the Super Bowl, the only women on the football fields will be on the sidelines. Cristen and Caroline highlight historical landmarks of women in sports journalism and American football's troubling tradition of relegating women reporters to the sidelines to serve as on-camera "eye candy."

Women on the Hunt

Since sport hunting is on the rise among women, Cristen and Caroline take aim at the intersection of gender and hunting from early hunter-gather societies to the wild West to its most recent women-led resurgence.

Meet the NFL's Probably-Soon-to-Be 1st Female Ref