9 Vulva Cupcakes For the School Bake Sale

Some alleged "vagina cookies" went viral online this week thanks to a Reddit post titled "TIFU by letting a feminist parent bring in snacks to my 2nd grade class." According to the redditor, a "radical crazy woman who thinks she is a feminist parent" brought in sugar cookies decorated with labia-shaped icing to share with the class. The teacher refused to hand them out; the mom throws a temper tantrum and says a bunch of horrible things to the teacher; story goes viral, naturally. Snopes called the post's veracity into question since it's a second-person retelling, no photos of the cookies exist, etc. Nonetheless, the poster appears to stand by the story and has since updated the post to clarify his original use of "angry radical feminist": "Edit2: This is not meant to be an attack on feministic idealism, it just has to do with a single radical feminist who lost her cool. Feminism is about gender equality and shouldn't be grouped with off the wall people like this." Regardless of whether this happened, here is an incontrovertible bit of truth: vulva-decorated baked goods are delightful. And as we're all about destigmatizing female genitalia here at Stuff Mom Never Told You, here's a roundup of vulva-happy cupcakes to consider for your next school bake sale.


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The Great Cupcake Depression

Earlier this week, The Wall Street Journal broke some terrifying news: "The icing is coming off America's cupcake craze." Cue ominous thunder clap sound effect!