Dear Ladies

Cristen and Caroline visit the Stuff Mom Never Told You listener mail bag to answer questions about asexual dating, modesty, the "hot convict" meme and more.

In part two of their series, Molly and Cristen take a look at some famous female superheroes, starting with the most iconic female comic book character of all: Wonder Woman.

In comic books, females are often portrayed as victims and sex symbols and tend to play second fiddle to male characters. In this episode, Molly and Cristen set the stage for a discussion of female superheroes and the gender dynamics of comic book art.

Wonder Woman's Changing Clothes

What do you give a superhero to commemorate her 600th comic book? A new outfit, of course. On Wednesday, DC Comics revealed a revamped Wonder Woman with a revised background story and more modest crime-fighting clothes. Instead of the American flag-esque bustier and hot pants, Wonder Women will now wear full-coverage tights and a bolero over a higher-cut bustier.