women in the workplace


Are #blessed and #lucky just another way for women to downplay success -- or to humblebrag? Cristen and Caroline dive into why so many ladies on social media seem to feel the need to portray themselves as effortlessly perfect.

Sexism in VFX: Q+A with Kylee Wall Pena

The Gendered Chef

Women leading professional kitchens is a relatively new dish. Cristen and Caroline cook up the history of how chef became a man's job and how women today are taking the culinary industry by storm.

The Waitress Workforce

Waitresses are a cornerstone, though often underappreciated and underpaid, of the food industry. Cristen and Caroline serve up a history of this female-dominated service sector and why gender is always on the menu.

America's Maternity Leave Drought

What it's really like trying to have a baby and keep your job in the United States.

Life as a Lady Music Producer

Do women music producers bring something different to the recording studio? Sylvia Massy thinks so. Cristen and Caroline ask the platinum-record-earning producer about her stellar career working with the likes of Prince and Tool and how gender has influenced her life in the control room.

Electronic Women

Whether playing the theremin or crafting soundscapes for your favorite TV shows, women have shaped the electronic music industry from the beginning. Cristen and Caroline examine the role of these synth pioneers and women's place in today's billion-dollar electronic scene.

A White, Marmorean Flock

Why did an exceptional group of ex-patriot, 19th-century female sculptors become known as a "white, marmorean flock"? Cristen and Caroline discuss their artistic sojourns to Italy and what it meant to be a female sculptor at that time.

Listener Story: Another Forgotten Woman Architect

In our Women in Architecture episode, we highlighted a few trailblazers who were making their way in the industry during an era when women were still by and large expected to be at home -- not out designing important structures around the world! Many of you chimed in with your own stories. One listener, Anna, told us about getting a surprising history lesson from her own house.

The Woman Pharaoh

Hatshepsut was one of the most successful kings in ancient Egypt -- who also happened to be a woman. Cristen and Caroline talk with Egyptologist Kara Cooney about Hatshepsut's rise to power, why her legacy was erased from history and what women leaders today can learn from this fearless pharaoh.