women's health

What is natural childbirth?

As more women are choosing natural childbirth, Caroline and Cristen look into what "natural" actually means and how women deal with the pain of having a baby without meds.

Is bacterial vaginosis a sexually transmitted infection? What is the treatment for bacterial vaginosis, and what prevention methods are available? Join Cristen and Caroline for a quick course in bacterial vaginosis 101.

By age 5, people expect girls to be cleaner than boys. Around the house and at work, men are only slightly less clean than women. Listen in to learn more about the Hygiene Hypothesis, and how being cleaner might not be healthier for women.

Do tampons cause toxic shock syndrome?

What is toxic shock syndrome, and what's the risk of contracting it? Why was 1980 the worst year for tampons? Listen in to learn all about toxic shock syndrome (including how to prevent it) in this episode.

At what age should a woman first go to the gynecologist? Do women prefer female gynecologists? Join Caroline and Cristen as they explain the Stuff Mom Never Told You about OB-GYN visits.

Finally, in 2011 doctors confirmed that it's safe to have sex during pregnancy -- but that's not the end of the story. Why are some men especially attracted to pregnant women? How does pregnancy affect sex drive? Join Cristen and Caroline to learn more.

How can a woman's uterus fall out of her body? In this episode, Cristen and Caroline explore the risk factors for prolapse, how to treat the condition and more.

What is vulvodynia? How many women suffer from vulvodynia? How do vulvodynia treatments work? Tune in to learn more in this episode.

How much weight do women gain during pregnancy? What exactly is pregnorexia? Is it true that men can gain pregnancy weight, too? Join Caroline and Cristen as they take a closer look at pregnancy and weight gain.

Pregnancy tests have a colorful history tracing back to 1350 BC -- and, as you might imagine, the methods have varied greatly over the centuries. In this episode, Caroline and Cristen look at the history of pregnancy tests.