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Why is endometriosis called the 'career woman's disease'?

Why does it take women, on average, more than nine years to be accurately diagnosed for endometriosis, one of the most common medical disorders affecting women? Cristen and Caroline explore what endometriosis is, what causes it and why the uncurable condition is still so misunderstood by doctors today.

Unbalancing Work-Life Balance

In the third installment of a special "Lean In" series, Cristen and Caroline discuss why "work-life balance" and the idea of "having it all" is a myth.

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Is first lady the hardest job in the world?

The position of first lady is one of the most unique and complex jobs in the United States. Tune in as Molly and Cristen take a close look at the first lady's intricate balance between innovation and protocol in this podcast from

Politics isn't restricted to the campaign trail -- you'll encounter it on a daily basis in your office. How do women engage in office politics? Are they better or worse at it than men? Explore these questions -- and more -- in this HowStuffWorks podcast.